Trading range: 1.3040 - 1.3140
Trend: Upward
Buy at 1.3053 SL 1.3021 TP 1.3130

Trading range: 81.65 - 80.70
Trend: Downward
Sell at 81.52 SL 81.84 TP 80.80

Trading range: 1.5845 - 1.5955
Trend: Upward
Buy at 1.5857 SL 1.5825 TP 1.5945

Trading range: 0.9215 - 0.9110
Trend: Downward
Sell at 0.9202 SL 0.9234 TP 0.9118

Today's Economic Calendar:
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New Zealand Easter Monday
Australia Easter Monday
Switzerland Easter Monday
UK Easter Monday
EU17 Easter Monday
Canada Easter Monday

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