Major currencies today trading in a narrow range downward trend against the dollar during Asian trading, as the dollar index highest rate 79.72, and now at levels 79.87, today the American economy will release the consumer price index which expected to show declining today, also the current account index will be issued for the last quarter today which expected to show a widening deficit, in addition to reading the leading indicators, which are expected to show reduced growth and read the index of industrial Philadelphia, which is expected to rise, which could affect on the green currency in trading today.

The euro dollar Pair trading during the Asian trading in a narrow range downward trend between the lowest price at 1,389 and the highest rate at 1.3739. The pair is currently trading around 1.3697 levels, between the 1.3680 levels and 1.3715 levels. The European economy will release today the current account reading, in addition to reading trade that may affect the pair's trading today, momentum indicators to levels at one point to echo pair of areas saturated with sales operations, and at levels four hours refer to the pair traded in areas saturated with sales operations, while they are on the daily level refers to the pair of echo areas saturated with the purchase, it is expected the pair traded today between the levels of 1.3775, which in case of breaching the pairs could be aimed at levels of 1.3830 and 1.3580 levels of penetration in the case of pairs of the levels of 1.3645.

The Pound/dollar pair also traded in a narrow rang slant between lowest level at 1.5280 and highest level at 1.5322, where the pair traded now at 1.5287 levels, 1.5285 levels and 1.5345 levels, and today the British economy issued preliminary reading of M4 money supply, which is expected to rise today in addition to the reading public finances and net public sector loans, which also are expected to rise today, and CBI will issued of industrial trend, which is expected to show retraction, that affects on pair today, and the Momentum indicators of hour levels indicates rebounded the pair from oversold area, which of four hours levels indicates rebounded pair from the overbuy area, in addition to being at a daily level indicates to probability negative intersection in the overbuy area, and it's expected pair today trade between 1.5415 level in case breaking it will targeted 1.5525 level and 1.5185 levels in case breaking 1.5225 levels.

The Dollar/yen pair traded in the Asian session between lowest level at 90.13 and highest level at 90.42, which is now traded at 90.26 levels between 90.00 level and 90.60 level, and the Japanese economy will today issued the monthly report of BOJ, in addition to for a final reading of major index and a pointer update index, which are affect on pair, and the Momentum indicators of hourly levels, four hours and daily levels indicates rebounded the pair from overbuy area, and its expected the pair traded today between 91.20 levels, which is breaking it will targeted 91.60 levels and 89.35 levels in case breaking 89.65 levels