The yen fell today during the Asian session against the dollar and the euro for the first time in three days, in a correctional movement following to the sharp rise seen lately against majors. On the other hand, this decline seen by the Japanese currency encouraged investors to buy higher yielding assets and abandon the safe heaven like the dollar.

The euro rose today against the dollar after failing to break the support found at 1.2650. Meanwhile the levels 1.2600 and 1.2650 managed to end the euro's decline, recording the highest of 1.2708 and the lowest of 1.2662. The pair now is trading around 1.2697. The daily and four hours momentum indicators are somehow neutral and point to the possibility of a correctional movement where the first target is at 1.2780.

The pound also rose against the dollar, compensating some of the losses seen during the last few session, recording the highest of 1.5390 and the lowest of 1.5335. The pair now is trading around 1.5397. The daily momentum indicators show that the pair is within an overbought area, which helped the pair rise today after breaking the 1.5320 support level.

The dollar/yen pair rose today trying to reach the resistance 84.80, recording the lowest at 84.09 and the highest at 84.57. The pair now tries to trade around 84.35. The daily momentum indicators show the pair might decline while the four hours indicators show the pair might have a chance to incline.