The dollar rebounds while yesterday we saw retail sales in the U.S. rise and this increased the appeal of the dollar, while today investors are selling higher yielding assets therefore this boosts the dollar in markets. The Dollar Index, which measures strength of the dollar versus six major currencies, is currently inclining trading at 80.65 while recording a high of 80.73 and a low of 80.14.

The euro after gaining momentum lately, today has plummeted against the dollar on renewed worries that the aid provided to Greece worth 45 billion euros will not be enough to increase attraction on the euro. Also as extra yield investors want the government of Greece to hold Greek 10-year bonds versus benchmark, weighed on the strength on the euro. The technical charts are showing us that on the one-hour charts, the euro dollar pair is being traded in an oversold area, while currently the pair is trading at 1.3545 between the support of 1.3500 and the resistance of 1.3590, so far we see a low was recorded at 1.3520 and a high at 1.3666.

The pound like the euro is tumbling versus the federal currency on concern regarding the Greece's fiscal position which meant risk averse investors are avoiding higher yielding currencies versus lower yielding currencies. The GBP/USD is also trading in an oversold area according to one-hour charts while currently the pair is trading at 1.5412 above the support of 1.5380 and below the resistance of 1.5450. The pair so far posted a low of 1.5384 and a high of 1.5522.

As majors decline, we see that the yen is rising as investors are seeking a safe-refuge, as the USD/JPY is currently trading at 93.15 between the support of 92.55 and the resistance of 93.60 while recording a high of 93.51 and a low of 92.89.