Mistakes, failures, rejection and disappointments are part of life - most things don't turn out exactly as we had planned, and many things miss the mark completely.

It's easy to beat ourselves up when we make a mistake, lose out on an important opportunity or fail to accomplish a goal or objective. There's a much better way to handle all of those situations, however.

DO THIS: Make it your habit to always ask these TWO QUESTIONS when life presents you with a disappointment, mistake or failure:

  • What can I LEARN from this situation? What can I do better next time? What could I have done differently that might have resulted in a better outcome? Who could I have asked for advice? ALWAYS make sure you take away a learning point from a mistake, missed opportunity or disappointment.
  • What is the GOOD in this situation? What is the possible good I might not be seeing? Why might this be a good thing for me? What are the positives? What is the message I may be missing if I don't look hard enough at this outcome?

Develop the habit of REFLECTION by asking both of the above questions.

What is one thing that happened to you in the past week you should reflect upon? Look for the learning point and look for the good.

Andy Robinson is a leading authority on career success and 15-year career coaching veteran.