by a4gpa

You're trying to get in shape, but that your nagging schedule keeps reminding you that there's no time for the gym. But you realize you could squeeze in a workout over a lunch hour, however taking a shower leaves you with little spare time. Before you toss this mid-day workout idea out the window and take one more step in your sedentary, office-based lifestyle, think again.

While a workout where you leave drenched in sweat means a legitimate calorie burn, any activity that can raise your heart rate and keep your body moving is worthy of your time. That's why you should consider a sweat-free workout during the workday.

It's everything you need - a workout over your lunch break, no need to mess with a shower and you're back in time for an afternoon meeting. Perfect!

You won't reach intense cardio workout levels, but you will burn calories. And a sweat-free workout is always better than no workout at all.

Have lunch at your desk before going. You'll want to include proteins and carbohydrates, like a turkey whole grain sandwich with avocado and fresh fruit.

Go to the gym or stay in the office, it's your choice. If you're going to the gym, you'll want to try:

- Cable Chest Presses

- Cable Rows

- Dumbbell Tricep Extensions

Staying in the office, try:

- Walking the stairs, parking lot, or long hallways

- Lunges, squats, push-ups, or sit-ups

- Yoga

You shouldn't even need to change clothes, making this workout time even more convenient. You should, however, keep a comfortable pair of tennis shoes in your office. Sweating or not, no one wants to do lunges in heels!

If you can find a light workout or yoga DVD, consider gathering co-workers in a conference room and working out together.

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