Makeshift NYC Offices Post Hurricane Sandy [PHOTOS]

on November 02 2012 1:51 PM
  • Hearst Tower
    BuzzFeed President & Chief Operating Officer, Jon Steinberg, @jonsteinberg, shows off their temporary HQ at the Hearst Tower. Twitter
  • The Studio?
    Not all of BuzzFeed's staff was able to make it to their makeshift home, but Editor, Katie Notopoulos, @katienotopoulos, looks like she's having more fun making beats. Twitter
  • Suit Up!
    Horizon Media's Keith O'Brien is still dressing sharply for work, despite being held up in his apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Instagram
  • Street Art?
    Sarah Shanfield, @shansar, of Streetwise Media is held up at the Brooklyn Museum. Twitter
  • Close Quarters
    Eric Benson, @elbenson, Assisant Editor at NYMag shows their team crammed into a remote conference room. Twitter
  • Full Belly!
    Gawker's Adrian Chen, @AdrianChen, on location at Potbelly Sandwiches in Midtown. Twitter
  • All Smiles
    Connie Wang,@conniewang, shows the Refinery29 crew looking quite cozy in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Twitter
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Many office buildings in New York City took a wallop during Hurricance Sandy this past weekend, leaving workers without a place to call their second home.

Employees are now holding up in remote comference rooms, at home, in restaurants, and many other very interesting public places, in order to have access to electritiy, and WiFi.

Still hard at work, BuzzFeed shares its own makeshift locations as well as those of several other New York companies. Check out were your favorite media teams are hiding out to keep on working. 

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