The loss of jobs in the current economy has forced many of the unemployed into making career change plans.  You are already familiar with the statistics.  The job marketplace has eliminated over 500 thousand positions per month since mid 2008.  That rate has eased, but many economists agree that a lot of these jobs will only slowly come back.  Some career categories will never find favor again in the changing economic environment.

This article is not about simply settling for a job replacement.  Making a career change often means time invested in retraining and/or further education to update an existing skill set or that enhances marketable skills.

One of the most valuable lessons you could be learning now is how to promote yourself on the internet.  The basic resumes of yesterday are being leveraged by today’s online profiles, social networking and career building information web sites and forums that offer unprecedented opportunities for positioning yourself in the competitive jobs search.

If you put up impressive and multiple online presences and begin to leverage any number of networking online venues you will definitely make a positive impact on a prospective employer in virtually any type of modern business.

But obviously they have to see your profile somewhere on the net…

Get a Contract Instead of a Job

Shifting priorities and new business streamlining realities have eliminated many tenured, salaried positions.  The unavoidable trend is that companies are using outsourcing, temporary and part time job classifications as more efficient and profitable ways to get things done.

42 percent of companies that have used outsourcing services claim it has benefited them financially.  Outsourcing is not going away anytime soon.

Making a career change can require adapting to unstable, temporary job contracts that don’t come with a package of benefits.  If you insist on a career position that comes with all the perks, you may already be losing a competitive edge to those who have learned that independent contracting and freelancing strategies can offer viable options that may take you relatively quickly out of the ranks of the unemployed.

Basically the idea is to become the go-to person that companies want to outsource to.  Instead of a job hunter, you position yourself as the specialist that companies look for when outsourcing a specific project.

Repackaging your existing skills into transferable or “re-purposed” alternative career avenues can prove a valuable strategy for repositioning yourself in today’s hyper-competitive job marketplace.

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Article Source: - Making Career Change: A Job Strategy That May Work For You