Hong Kong architect Gary Chang doesn't sacrifice any square inch of his tiny, 350-square-foot apartment. He's found a way to turn it into a home office, master bedroom, kitchen, guest room, media center, and more...in just 350 square feet.

Chang designed what he's nicknamed the domestic transformer and has shown how a smart design style can truly make the tiniest spaces contain all you ever need.

The rooms in Chang's 350-square-foot space are created by sliding walls that reveal new spaces and functions. Up to 24 new spaces can be created.

For example, where you see a wall in the living room, you can pull it away to show a linen closet. Move it again and you'll find a soaker bath tub.

Pull the mounted TV forward, and you'll find the full kitchen behind it. That home office can quickly transform into the dining room.

It's a case of now-you-see-it-now-you-don't design in making small spaces seem bigger.

The house transforms and I'm always there, I don't move. The house moves for me, Chang told Planet Green TV in a video segment about his space.