A man was arrested at Miami International Airport after bullet components exploded in his checked luggage as it was being offloaded from an American Airlines flight in Miami.

Orville Andrew Braham, 37, who traveled in American Airlines Flight 2585 from Boston to Miami was arrested on Dec. 28 by federal agents after his checked luggage was found to conceal several hundred bullet primers. A bullet primer is the back end of a bullet that provides the spark to ignite the gunpowder in a bullet.

Investigators also found parts of a disassembled ammunition reloading press in the lining of another piece of luggage located in a zippered compartment and wrapped in items of clothing. An ammunition press is used to assemble component parts, including ammunition primers.

During investigation, Braham said he hid the primers and the reloading press in his luggage to keep them away from his children and forgot about them.

The investigators said they believe Braham, a naturalized U.S. citizen, is not linked to any terrorist outfit but has charged him with illegally transporting ammunition as they suspect he might have wanted to smuggle the bullet primers to his final destination of Kingston, Jamaica. He was placed in federal custody soon after the incident and his bail hearing is set for Tuesday.