People on mopeds and scooters sometimes carry some really weird junk with them, and the image often looks like something ranging from incredible to ridiculous. But a man on a moped with an axe is, well, terrifying. 

One time I saw a man in Rome riding on his scooter with an eight-foot-long door tucked in front of his knees, holding a cigarette in one hand and his cell phone in the other. He was talking on the phone and gesturing with the cigarette, so I can only assume that the door was helping keep him upright, just as a balancing pole assists a tightrope walker stay upright (fun fact: tightrope walking is called funambulism).

While seeing a man carrying a door, a cigarette and a cell phone on a scooter is amusing, encountering a dour looking gentleman on a moped brandishing an ax is not. Not at all. The sight of a stone-cold ax-wielder stepping off his ride and slowly walking toward you seems nothing if not Medieval. This may be the closest thing to a mounted knight headed off to rampage that the world has seen in a while.

This detached snippet leaves two questions unanswered: Who drives around honking at people and filming it? and Why does he have an ax?

Either way, the video below appears to have been shot in Germany with the Kaufland store in the background, and the big takeaway is if the moped rider has an ax, do not honk, no matter how long he or she spends sitting at a stop sign.