A 59-year-old man, who allegedly fed his one-year-old grandson with juice mixed with crushed morphine and Benadryl, is facing homicide charges, Daily Mail reported.

The accused grandfather, Gregg Busby, who gave his grandson Antonio Garcia-Lazarski the drugged cocktail, claims that he did so to calm him down and make him feel better, while his mother Casey Lazarski was away and father was not in the picture.

However, according to the police records, Busby has a long criminal history. He was released from jail in October last when he had completed a 20-year imprisonment for fraud.

He has been charged for the death of her grandson as the medicine he gave him was neither prescribed, nor its ingredients were a part of Antonio's pill treatment.

According to the police report, Antonio was found unresponsive, cold to touch, when his grandmother went to check him at midnight and was later pronounced dead.

The grandfather had taken some morphine and some Benadryl, crushed it, and put it in juice hoping to calm the one-year-old, Jon Hess, the Kent County Sheriff's Dept Undersheriff, told Grand Rapids Press.

The one-year-old subsequently died from that mixture, he said, adding, It's hard for any of us to understand.

The case is pending before the court to decide if he be indicted for Antonio's death. His preliminary exam is scheduled for April 9.