A Kentucky truck driver has lost a multimillion-dollar damage claim that he filed after he woke up from basic circumcision surgery with a chunk of his penis missing.

Philip Seaton and his wife, Deborah, sued Dr.  John Patterson for $16 million in a claim that the doctor did not exercise proper care and amputated a part of the patient's penis without his consent. 

A six-man, six-woman jury ruled in favor of the doctor who said he amputated less than an inch of the penis after he found potentially deadly cancer during surgery in 2007, the Insurance Journal reported.

According to Paterson when he removed the tip of his patient's penis in a standard circumcision, the appearance underneath was that similar to a rotten cauliflower, indicating cancer, which was later confirmed.

What I saw was not a penis. What I saw was cancer, Patterson testified to a jury in Shelby County Circuit Court.

In a unanimous ruling the jury ruled against the claim that Patterson has failed to exercise proper care. According to Paterson's attorney the doctor save Seaton's life with the decision he made.

We felt bad for the circumstances. (Seaton) has our sympathy. But at the same time, he's alive today because this man did what he did, because this man performed the surgery, jury forewoman Lydia Tapp told The Courier-Journal.   

Seaton's attorney, Kevin George, claimed that his client has been mutilated and told the Jury that his manhood had been taken. Following the ruling, George said he was disappointed and would appeal. He told the Courier-Journal that this could pave the way to doctors performing all types of procedures that has not been requested.

Seaton himself did not comment after the verdict.