A Canadian man, Lee Moir, impersonated pop superstar Justin Bieber  on Facebook to sexually abuse a 12-year-old girl from New Jersey according to authorities. Moir forced the girl to perform sexual acts on a video chat by threatening her family, Essex County authorities said.

Moir, who is 34, is charged in Canada with extortion, manufacturing child pornography and luring. He was arrested after authorities had an officer impersonate a 14-year-old-girl. Moir corresponded with the officer through video chat and set up a meeting with her earlier this month.

After the alleged victim realized that she was not talking to Bieber on Facebook she tried to cut off correspondence with Moir, but he threatened to harm her family and load the videos up on a pornographic website.

Authorities believe Moir has had contact with many underage females in the U.S., Canada France, Australia and the Philippines using Facebook and ooVoo accounts. Some of his screen names were Lee Oneel, Lee Moir, YodaYoda01 and Justy.Beber1.