RTTNews - Friday, a report released by the Local Government Association or LGA showed that the number of British managers and professionals seeking Jobseekers' Allowances surged 154% over the last twelve months to 118,700.

The largest growth in professional claimants were concentrated in London. While, the areas with the biggest increases in manager claimants were in the South East and West Midlands.

The research by the LGA also revealed that the number of 'elementary' and skilled trade workers seeking job seeker allowances climbed 77% to 589,000.

A national, one size fits all approach to dealing with the recession simply isn't going to work. The fastest way to move from recession to recovery is for more decisions about the economy to be taken at the local level, which means councils continuing to work with local people and businesses, Jeremy Beecham, Vice-Chairman of the LGA said.

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