Director and CEO Mr. Erik Herlyn is a mechanical and production engineer with extensive experience in the finance and hydrocarbon industries. Serving in several managerial positions for large International Business Consulting firms such as KPMG, BearingPoint and Capgemini, his specialization lies in a process optimization method which he developed over many years using synergies from various industries. Mr. Herlyn plays a critical role in managing the global office operations of Manas as well as the process of acquiring licenses.

CFO Ari Muljana is a Master of Science in Computer Science with a major in Financial Statement Analysis and Artificial Intelligence. He began his career in the Risk Management department at Deloitte, where he audited and advised within the oil and commodity trading industry. He is also specialized in the area of SOX consulting, where he implemented financial and risk management processes for multinational companies to comply with SEC regulations. Prior to joining Manas, Mr. Muljana worked at Capgemini Consulting as a strategic consultant, focusing on controlling and performance measurement topics in diverse industries.

CTO Yaroslav Bandurak received his Geological degree from Ukraine’s Lvov State University in 1995. After graduation, he served as a member of the Geology Faculty from 1989 to 1995. Later, Mr. Bandurak led the geological activities for several Central Asian oil and gas companies and was a senior geologist of South Kyrgyz Geological Expedition. At Manas, Mr. Bandurak is responsible for prospect developments, exploration activities and acquisition of new projects.

Mr. Boris Goldinstein, General Manager in Central Asia, retains extensive Central Asian expertise as a result of his work as the Deputy Director of the consortium Kazgeophizika and in the USR Ministry of Geology as the former deputy Chief of Glayprikaspiygeologiya, a 40,000 employee organization for oil and gas exploration in the Precaspian depression of Russia and Kazakhstan.