Microsoft, in a report, has given reasons as to why Mango is superior to Windows Phone 7, said Computer World.

Microsoft Executive and President of Microsoft's Mobile Communication, Andy Lees, in his report described why a Mango might help Microsoft sell more Windows phones and could help raise the company’s current standards in smartphone OS rankings.

The integrated Internet Explorer 9 is one of the main features which Microsoft may bank upon. Otherwise, the company will be running a full desktop version of the browser, said the report. The browser, in a Windows phone shown at developer’s conference in April, had a speed which was far superior to Android, BlackBerry and iOS, says the report.

Microsoft ran the HTML5 speed test on other platforms and found out that the Mango-powered Windows phone had got 25 frames per second compared to BlackBerry’s four and Android’s 10.

Another feature which was highlighted in the report was the initialization of quick cards and the integration of Bing. Microsoft had earlier described them as an option for users doing a search via Bing to acquire quick information. The cards come with their own set of applications which makes the search even more precise and updated.

Bing has also been upgraded with visual searching options where the user will just need to take the photo of something and then through the quick card method he will get all the required facts, the report said.

The updated version of the Office suite in the Mango will upgrade itself with new versions of PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote. Skype has also been included in the phone.

Users will also have access to Xbox Live Gaming and Mango will become the first and only smartphone OS to do so as users will be able to play in real time and see the list of friends available at that time, the report said.