Mantra Venture Group Ltd., through its group of sustainable energy, carbon reduction, and consumer product subsidiaries, is active in the green technology marketplace. By aggressively seeking out new technologies and innovative solutions for a cleaner Earth, the company has a multi-faceted approach focused on profitability through sustainability.

Mantra Venture recently signed an exclusive option agreement to acquire the license of the biometals recovery system (BRS) – a biological-based water treatment system that selectively recovers and upgrades valuable metals with maximum energy recovery. A major market for this technology is acid mine drainage.

Acid mine drainage, the outflow of acidic water from abandoned metal or coal mines, is a major problem in the US. Acid mine drainage is responsible for the contamination of 40% of western waterways. In addition to the treatment of acid mine drainage, a secondary market for Mantra’s BRS technology is heap leaching metal recovery. Heap leaching is currently responsible for 20% of worldwide copper production.

The implementation of the Mantra’s BRS technology will focus on the development of selected large-scale projects in collaboration with key industry partners. In addition, the company anticipates licensing the BRS technology to resource companies for their own applications for projects that do not fit within Mantra’s discretionary project criteria.

Mantra’s BRS technology relies on a much more efficient biological reaction than competitive products already in the marketplace, and is expected to provide a major economic advantage over competing technologies in the acid mine drainage marketplace. Therefore, Mantra anticipates rapidly overcoming market penetration rates achieved by its competitors.

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