During the Sustainability 2008 Conference hosted in Vancouver, British Columbia, Mantra Venture Group’s VP of Technology Evaluation John Russell participated in an interview to discuss the company’s ERC (electro-reduction of carbon dioxide) Technology. To hear the interview while watching a demonstration of the technology, please click on the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rLzHRmZ0NA.

Carbon dioxide is the main contributor to climate change and accounts for about two thirds of greenhouse gases produced by human activities. Currently, one quarter of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions are released from the burning of fossil fuels in stationary coal-fired power plants. Since large scale applications have not yet been able to make the shift to renewable energy, fossil fuels remain the most cost effective option energy source available.

Scientists and innovators are now looking at methods to manage the CO2 released so that it doesn’t enter our atmosphere. These methods currently include capturing the gas and injecting it underground for storage in a process called carbon sequestration. However, a full carbon capture and storage system for large-scale power plants is not a cost effective option.

Mantra Venture Group’s ERC process offers a revolutionary alternative to carbon sequestration with many potential advantages. Instead of addressing carbon dioxide as the problem, ERC harnesses the gas’s chemical properties as part of the solution. Capitalizing on the abundance of carbon dioxide being released from fossil fuel combustion, ERC converts CO2 to useful, financially profitable products.

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