Mantra Venture Group Ltd. is a diversified Green Tech company focused on becoming a world leader in the development of commercially viable sustainable technologies by minimizing the impact of human activity of our climate, environment and health. The company aims to bridge the gap between innovation and investment by identifying and incubating clean tech innovations and renewable energy solutions.

Mantra has acquired the intellectual property for a process developed at the University of British Columbia that converts carbon dioxide into useful, profitable products. This process, named ERC, uses carbon dioxide, electricity and water to produce fuels and chemicals such as formic acid, formates and oxygen. The technology could be applied in a closed-loop fuel cell cycle, converting carbon dioxide into a fuel that is then used in a fuel cell to generate energy.

The company has also signed an exclusive Option Agreement to acquire the license of the Biometals Recovery System (BRS), a mine wastewater technology that recovers and upgrades valuable metals with maximum energy recovery. In addition to treating acid mine drainage, a secondary market for BRS technology is Heap Leaching Metal Recovery which is currently responsible for 20% of worldwide copper production, representing an approximate market value of $12 Billion USD.

Mantra is dedicated to developing and commercializing technologies that support a greener economy, with a key focus on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future. The company’s corporate mission is to provide businesses and individuals with the resources needed to achieve significant, sustainable reductions in their ecological footprint.

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