March is finally here! And while it may seem more like winter than spring, the month is definitely going to be a good one for TV lovers -- because 26 season and series premieres are kicking off!

Check out the list of season and series premiere dates below and let us know what you’ll be tuning in to watch.

Monday, March 3

“Win, Lose or Draw” (Disney Channel @ 5 p.m.) Series Premiere

This series premiere is actually a revival of a game show from the late 1980s. Now hosted by Justin William of “Cupcake Wars,” the competition show will team up kid contestants with Disney Channel or Disney XD stars. The two teams will compete against each other using their drawing skills and wit. Stars from “Austin & Ally,” “Lab Rats,” “Kickin’ It” and “Teen Beach Movie” are set to participate.

“Bates Motel” (A&E @ 9 p.m.) Season 2 Premiere

Heading into its second season, the premiere of “Bates Motel” will pick up in White Pine Bay during the summer. But Norman won’t be out enjoying his time off from school; instead, he’ll be fixated on the death of his teacher, Miss Watson. Meanwhile, Norma’s worried about the motel's future considering the town is moving forward with plans for the bypass.

“Those Who Kill” (A&E @ 10 p.m.) Series Premiere

A&E’s new series, “Those Who Kill,” stars Chloe Sevigny and James D’Arcy. The show follows Sevigny’s character, homicide detective Catherine Jensen, who is not only trying to track down a serial killer … but also comes to terms with her past.

“Bates Motel: After Hours” (A&E @ 11 p.m.) Series Premiere

Following the success of “Bates Motel,” A&E is introducing “Bates Motel: After Hours.” Like AMC’s “Talking Dead,” the “After Hours” show is a way for fans to “interact with the show’s stars and creators.” Viewers will get to see behind-the-scenes clips and other exclusive content. “Bates Motel: After Dark” is a half-hour special filmed in front of a live studio audience in New York.

Wednesday, March 5

“The Face” (Oxygen @ 10 p.m.) Season 2 Premiere

Naomi Campbell returns to the model reality series alongside supermodels Anne V and Lydia Hearst. The three women will be coaching a total of 12 contestants who aspire to be models. Nigel Barker will not only host, but act as a confidante and adviser.

“Restaurant: Impossible” (Food Network @ 10 p.m.) Season 8 Premiere

The season 8 premiere will find Chef Robert Irvine trying to help the family behind Mill Creek BBQ Restaurant in Redlands, Calif. But the family has way more problems than “tasteless barbecue and inefficient management.” Chef Irvine’s got to try to help owner Steve “regain his mojo” try to help co-owner and wife Lisette “repair the severely broken relationship” with her 21-year-old daughter.

Thursday, March 6

“Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” (ABC @ 8 p.m.) Season 1B Premiere

The freshman series will return on March 6 for its season 1B premiere, “Nothing to Fear.” The premiere will find the Red Queen, Cyrus and Alice working together in order to find the knave.

“Saint George” (FX @ 9 p.m.) Series Premiere

“Saint George” brings comedian George Lopez back to the small screen in a half-hour comedy about his “chaotic life.”

“Sirens” (USA @ 10 p.m.) Series Premiere

Produced by Denis Leary, “Sirens” is a comedy about three emergency medical technicians in Chicago.

Friday, March 7

“Star Wars: The Clone Wars” (Netflix) Season 6 Premiere

Season 6 of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” will be available on Netflix starting Tuesday, March 7. The series is set between Episodes II and III and finds the Jedi Knights fighting against Count Dooku’s droid army.

Sunday, March 9

“Cosmos” (Fox @ 9 p.m.) Series Premiere

A follow up to the 1980 series, “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage,” Fox’s new documentary television show will be presented by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

“Resurrection” (ABC @ 9 p.m.) Series Premiere

The town of Arcadia, Missouri, gets changed forever when their deceased loved ones begin to reappear. But how are these people coming back to life?

Monday, March 10

“Believe” (NBC @ 10 p.m.) Series Premiere

Bo, a 10-year-old girl, has the amazing gifts of telekinesis, levitation, the ability to control nature and to see the future. It’s up to Milton, her protector, and Tate, a wrongfully imprisoned death-row inmate, to protect Bo’s life and future. The series will be making its regular time slot premiere at 9 p.m. on Sunday, March 16.

Tuesday, March 11

“From Dusk Till Dawn” (El Rey Network @ 9 p.m.) Series Premiere

The new TV series is based off the original 1996 Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino film. The reboot will expand upon the original story of vampire mythology and star Don Johnson, Wilmer Valderrama and Robert Patrick.

“Chrisley Knows Best” (USA @ 10 p.m.) Series Premiere

Meet Todd, a self-made millionaire and successful entrepreneur. The new reality series will follow Todd and his wife, Julie, as they raise their five children in the suburbs of Atlanta.

Friday, March 14

“Vice” (HBO @ 11 p.m.) Season 2 Premiere

The documentary TV series hosted by Shane Smith of Vice magazine, returns for its second season on Friday, March 14.

Sunday, March 16

“Crisis” (NBC @ 10 p.m.) Series Premiere

A school trip (with the President’s son) goes horribly wrong when the children are kidnapped. A national crisis ensues. …

Monday, March 17

“Dancing With the Stars” (ABC @ 8 p.m.) Season 18 Premiere

Season 18 of “Dancing With the Stars” kicks off on Monday, March 17, but fans will have to wait until March 4 to find out who will be making their way to the dance floor.

Wednesday, March 19

“The 100” (The CW @ 9 p.m.) Series Premiere

One hundred juvenile prisoners are sent to test the Earth’s surface after a nuclear Armageddon led to the decimation of the planet 97 years ago. The only survivors at the time were 400 inhabitants of 12 international space stations -- but as the numbers rise with each generation, the resources are dying out.

Saturday, March 22

“Da Vinci’s Demons” (Starz @ 9 p.m.) Season 2 Premiere

Season 2 of the Starz series will find Florence in chaos after the Pazzi conspiracy. It’s up to Leonardo da Vinci to protect the city as the forces of Rome approach.

Sunday, March 23

“Drop Dead Diva” (Lifetime @ 9 p.m.) Season 6 Premiere

The Lifetime series might be coming to an end, but fans will be treated to a special two-hour premiere. The network promises that “all will finally be revealed” during season 6.

Wednesday, March 26

“Hot in Cleveland” (TV Land @ 10 p.m.) Season 5 Premiere

Betty White, Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick return on March 26 for season 5.

“The Soul Man” (TV Land @ 10:30 p.m.) Season 3 Premiere

Cedric the Entertainer returns as R&B star turned minister Reverend Boyce “The Voice” Ballentine.

Thursday, March 27

“Surviving Jack” (Fox @ 8:30 p.m.) Series Premiere

Christopher Meloni of “Law & Order” returns in a comedy about a newly stay-at-home dad in the 1990s who uses “non-traditional methods to help his son become a man.”

Sunday, March 30

“Mr. Selfridge” (PBS @ 9 p.m.) Season 2 Premiere

Harry Gordon Selfridge attempts to rebuild his family after rocking the “retail world with his pioneering new store.” But his estranged wife, Rose, has new friends that are making Harry’s attempts difficult.

Monday, March 31

“Friends With Better Lives” (CBS @ 9 p.m.) Series Premiere

Following the hour-long series finale of “How I Met Your Mother,” the new CBS sitcom will introduce six friends who are at different romantic stages in their lives.