This year's Mardi Gras is expected a star-studded turnout, according to the AP. Rocker-turned-reality TV star Brett Michaels and iconic pop singer Cyndi Lauper were expected to jump start the 2012 celebration of Fat Tuesday.

Both Michaels and Lauper were recognizable riders in the Orpheus celebration, a parade club founded in 1993 by New Orleans native actor Harry Connick Jr. The parade, which marked the Lundi Gras celebration last night, featured Connick with actress Hilary Swank, and musical performances by Michaels and Lauper.

But rock and pop aren't the only genres to grace the Mardi Gras festivities. Clarinetist Pete Fountain will be leading a marching band from the city's Garden City District to the French Quarter, according to the AP. After Fountain and his ensembles' performance, float parades are set to follow, including the African-American Krewe of Zulu, known for their decorate coconuts, and the parade of Rex also known as the King of Carnival.