Maria Belen Chapur had the same effect on South Carolina Governor, Mark Sanford, as alcohol or pornography has on addicts, the first lady Jenny Sanford said in an interview published Mondayby Vogue magazine.

Jenny said she learnt her husband had an obsession for Chapur, a fact difficult to deny since Governor Sanford wrote such expressions as I love your tan lines or I love the curves of your hips in e-mails to his mistress obtained and published few months ago by The State newspaper.

The couple is currently living in separate houses. Gov. Sanford has not made clear whether or not he has ended contact with Chapur. The affair felt like punches to the gut to Jenny but she said she feels sorry for the Argentinean mistress.

It can't be fun for her, though I do sometimes question her judgment, Jenny told Vogue. All I can do is pray for her because she made some poor choices. Mark made some poor choices.

Few facts are known about Maria Belen Chapur other than the fact that she is 43 years old, mother of two, a former television producer, holds a degree in International Relations and a Portuguese, English and Chinese speaker.

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