After Sunday's Oscars, where no one could stop talking about Anne Hathaway and her possible style error, one would hope celebrities would be on their A-game and attempt to prevent any embarrassing sartorial news from plaguing their name.

But lo and behold, another wardrobe malfunction was spotted in photos from the weekend, showing a possible “nip slip” from 42-year-old Mariah Carey, the New York Daily News said.

According to Us Weekly, Carey appeared at the So So Def 20th Anniversary concert in Atlanta on Saturday to honor her longtime pal and colleague Jermaine Dupri with a birthday cake. The dress the “American Idol” judge wore to the show at Atlanta’s Fox Theatre was so low, that she may have been the victim of a fashion faux pas.

Photos from the event show Carey waving to the crowd as she wheeled out a birthday cake for Dupri, but in her low-cut strapless white dress, the singer’s bodice dropped to treacherous territory.

Carey didn’t seem to notice that her left breast slightly popped out of her dress, as she smiled and continued waving to the crowd. As a result, several publications including the Huffington Post are calling it a wash, blaming the “nip slip” possibly on shadowing.

We would hope by now that Carey would stop being a victim of wardrobe malfunctions, as this of course isn't her first time.

The new mother of twins last year sported some ultra-tight pants at a concert in Austria that, well, hugged in all of the wrong spots. The Urban Daily in 2009 published a photo of Carey at the Los Angeles airport, wearing a sheer shirt.