Mariano Rajoy, the People's Party leader, took the lead in Spain and became the New Prime Minister following the former premier, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, after he won the biggest majority in the Spanish parliament in 29 years.

Rajoy won 186 votes out of the total 350 seats, followed by the Socialist Party's candidate, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba who gained only 110 votes, where the parliament backed Rajoy as he pledged to cut the Spanish budget deficit and regain the nation's top credit rating of AAA, noting that Spain was affected sharply by the global slowdown and the deepening debt crisis in Europe, which has driven unemployment to 23% and pushed yields on Spanish bonds to record.

Rajoy said after the elections today more than ever our destiny is played out in and with Europe, and added that we will stop being a problem and become part of the solution again.