Last week a large number of “Talking Dead” viewers were confused and turned off by guest Marilyn Manson’s discussion about episode 3 of “The Walking Dead,” “Isolation.” Host Chris Hardwick kept quiet about the singer’s bizarre ramblings but finally referred to it during the break down of episode 4 of “The Walking Dead.”

This week the guests on “The Talking Dead” were Chris Jericho and Gillian Jacobs. After welcoming them onto the show, Hardwick paid them a compliment:

“You’re lucid, I appreciate that about you.”

Hardwick of course is referring to Manson’s strange antics last week. The episode had started off with the singer’s microphone not working and Manson accusing Hardwick and the series of “trying to censor me.”

The conversation then turned to what viewers described as incoherent and long-winded rants about Carol looking like Jamie Lee Curtis in Activia commercials and asking whether co-guest Jack Osbourne could take the Elderberries for his “genital warts.” (Manson then covered his tracks, telling the audience, “[Jack] doesn’t have those. I’m kidding.”)

“Talking Dead” viewers took to Twitter during the episode to complain about Manson’s guest spot and Hardwick eventually acknowledged that the singer was not really making any sense.

“What I’m saying is that he had everyone run by fear,” Manson said of the difference between the Governor and Rick. “Rick tried to run it more as a democracy.”

“I’m understanding what you’re saying,” Hardwick responded. “I’m so excited.”

“So I think that The Governor is going to lead the zombies because he’s so bad,” Manson continued, referring to the hoard in episode 3. “And he’s going to lead them on a personal vendetta.”

“I’ll tell you what,” Hardwick countered. “If you’re right, I’m going to be so mad, because I’m not understanding anything else that you’ve said tonight, and this is actually a very good, lucid point.”

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So far “The Talking Dead” is going smooth in episode 4. “Breaking Bad” fans were treated to an interesting theory from Chris Jericho and Chris Hardwick about the two AMC series. According to the two Chris’ “The Walking Dead” could be what happened after “Breaking Bad” ended. The thought is that someone tried to recreate Heisenberg meth and failed – creating something similar to bath salts and leading into the zombie apocalypse. It all ties together because in season 1 Merle has the “blue crystals.”

Chris Jericho and Gillian Jacobs continued to discuss some interesting points and Jericho even referenced last week’s Manson debacle.

“One of our guests was actually bob from Chattanooga,” Chris Hardwick responded.  “If you watched last season you’ll get that joke.”

For those that don’t remember, “Bob from Chattanooga phone bombed the final episode of season 3 of “The Talking Dead.”

“The hour is coming, the hour is coming. All that are in the graves shall hear his voice. There seems to be no room–,” Bob said before getting cut off.

What did you think of Chris Hardwick’s reference about Marilyn Manson? Did you think last week’s episode of “The Talking Dead” was bad? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.