The market has broken its uptrend and trickled up yesterday, but this morning is opening near Monday's lows. Will we get any momentum to the downside? Likely not in this market where nothing is clear cut. Look for GS and big cap tech, stocks that have led the market higher in recent times, to break first to provide clues for the broader market. Asia markets are down much more than the US market, so we should see at least some catch-up. Shorting lows has not been a winning strategy this summer, so maybe look for a gap fill sell set-up. AAPL was the strongest big cap tech yesterday, filling its gap, so if we fill the gap up today it should be a stock you look to trade long. GS should get down to the low 150s, but it remains to be seen how it will get there. If FSLR continues to show weakness, it is in a pivot and if it breaks below there is room to the downside. Its mid-to-late August, traders are in the office but keeping things light and practicing good money management. Book profits and don't get over-aggressive chasing what you want to happen.