A Brief Look Back

The following are economic news or events that moved the markets last week. The numbers refer to the close-to-close move in the Dow industrials.

Monday: Up 35 points. Powered by easing fears of a Dubai default and good news from the Chicago purchasing managers index. Tuesday: Up 127 points. Construction spending was higher than expected. Wednesday: Down 19 points. The reading on crude inventories doubled. Thursday: Down 87. Initial jobless claims were fewer than expected but productivity fell. Friday: Up 23 points. A better than expected employment report sent the markets bouncing. Factory orders took a big jump.

Economic Reports

The following information is derived from yahoo!finance and times are local to the east coast. The Dow Moved column is the close-to-close price change of the Dow industrials on the release day from the prior trading day, the last time the report came out.

Consumer credit2:00 MD-+17Measures auto, credit card and other debt.
Wholesale inventories10:00 WD-+17Wholesale sales and inventory statistics.
Crude inventories10:30 W?-19My guess: Measures oil inventory.
Initial jobless claims8:30 ThC+-87Counts people filing for state unemployment benefits.
Trade balance8:30 ThC+-14Signals balance of exports & imports.
Treasury budget2:00 ThD-94Tracks budget deficit. Important in April (tax filing).
International trade8:30 FC++73Import/export prices, trade balance. US economy vs others.
Retail sales8:30 FA-+136Reports total retail sales (not services). Are people spending?
Business inventories10:00 FC-+136Reports manufacturing, wholesale, retail inventories.