EUR/USD - 1.3362.. Despite y'day's earnest attempt by euro bears to continue bashing the single ccy, this year's 1.3267 low proved to be 'a bridge too far' as rumour of bids abv said lvl by Asian names prompted profit-taking. Euro later rallied after Trichet's comment to calm market's fear of a debt default by Greece, price rose to 1.3367 n climbed marginally to 1.3384 b4 easing after meeting fresh offers at 1.3380-1.3410 area. Good 2-way flows are expected with fresh seller on the upside n profit-taking bids fm 1.3340 n below. If euro fails to take out 1.3267 sup today, expect a possible strg bounce to occur in NY on pre-weekend broad-based short-covering.