EUR/USD - 1.4245 .. The single currency weakened to 1.4219 this morning partly due to risk aversion but profit-taking bids abv y'day's low at 1.4205 limited its downside n the pair traded sideways thereafter. Market conditions are thin at the moment with traders awaiting the opening of European equity markets. Offers (cross-related) are seen in the region of 1.4250-1.4270 n more fm Asian names are tipped at 1.4290/1.4300 with mixture of offers n stops only emerging further out at 1.4340/50. On the downside, bids (some are for profit-taking purposes) are noted at 1.4210/20 n 1.4200 with stops (sizeable) reported at 1.4180 n below 1.4150.