Eur/usd - 1.2377 ... The single currency rallied to a 3-week high of 1.2396 on active short-covering (stops at 1.2340 n 1.2360 were triggered) as worries about Spain's public finances were eased by a well covered bond auction (the 30-year Spanish bond drew bids 2.45 times the amount of securities on offer, compared with 1.38 times in the previous auction in March). Dlr's weakness against Swiss franc also supported the euro as the Swiss National Bank relaxed its interventionist stance n said deflationary risks in the Swiss economy had all but disappeared. Bids are located at 1.2350/55, 1.2320/30 n further out at 1.2300/05. On the upside, mixture of offers n stops is tipped at 1.2400.