EUR/USD - 1.3616.. The single currency continues to be the victim of recent political stalemate between EU and Greece over the Greek-aid n price tumbled to 1.3648 at European opening b4 staging a brief recovery on buying by U.K. clearers but euro bears then sold the pair at 1.3696 n decline accelerated after triggering huge stops below 1.3648. Price subsequently nose-dived to 1.3586 in NY on rumour of U.S. discount rate hike (bollocks) but buying by German banks prompted short-covering back to 1.3633. No major eco. data are due out today but do watch out for remarks by Trichet when he is scheduled to speak in Brussels at 07:30GMT. Offers are tipped fm 1.3630-60 area n bids (profit-taking) are lined up fm 1.3580-30 area, suggesting shorts shud trim their positions on next intra-day decline.