EUR/USD - 1.2888.. Euro tanked to a 14-month low y'day as lack of any supporting comments fm ECB's chief Trichet at the usual rate conference to ease investors' concern over the Greek fiscal crisis n his failure to discuss buying govt. bonds led to more euro bashing, the sharp plunge in the Dow sent price tumbling to 1.2510. Today, a wave of short-covering buying has been evident as news of emergency conference call at European leaders dinner meeting with G7 leaders n finance ministers have allayed recent market fears of Greece's debt problem spreading quickly out of control to other eurozone countries. Bids are seen fm 1.2650-1.2600 region but interest to sell euro still remains, offers are touted at 1.2750-1.2800, see good 2-way flows today n euro is likely to find a floor abv 1.2510 today ahead of release of key U.S. jobs data.