Eur/usd - 1.2982.. Fears of Greek debt crisis contagion together with the selloff in regional bourses in Asia Pacific (Shanghai Composite index fell to a 7-month low while H.K. Hang Seng index dropped as much as 2% to a 9-month low) have pressured the single currency to a fresh one-year low of 1.2936. IMF MD Dominique Strauss-Kahn was quoted fm French newspaper Le Parisien that 'risk of Greek debt crisis spreading to rest of Europe is seen but no real risk to France n Germany'. Offers remain at 1.2990-1.3010 while bids by Asian sovereign names near 1.2920-00 are now in focus. German n eurozone service PMI are due out at 07:53GMT n 07:58GMT respectively.