Usd/jpy - 93.21 ... Despite the financial market impact fm fraud charges against Goldman Sachs, the greenback rebounded fm 92.97 to 93.28 against the Japanese yen on renewed risk appetites (eur/jpy, gbp/jpy n aud/jpy rose fm 124.65 to 125.36, fm 142.66 to 143.65 n fm 86.43 to 87.01) together with buying fm Japan's insurance corps. Taiyo, Japan's 6th-largest life insurer by assets, shifted about 200 bln yen (US$ 2.2 bln) to mainly hedged foreign bonds fm yen-denominated bonds in the year ended in March due to a spike in yields during Q1. Bids are located at 93.00/05, 92.80/85 n further out at 92.60/65. On the upside, offers by Japanese exporters remain at 93.40/50 n 93.70/75.