Usd/jpy - 93.97 ... The greenback rebounded after finding renewed buying at 93.73 on renewd cross selling in jpy (eur/jpy rebounded fm 125.34 to 125.60) in part due to the firmness in Japan's stock markets (Nikkei 225 turned into +ve territory n rose by 30 points to 11196). Former BOJ Deputy Governor Toshio Muto said it is one more the Bank of Japan's essential roles to stem the yen's appreciation through its monetary policy. Bids are located at 93.85/90, 93.70/75 n further out at 93.50/55 with stops seen below 93.50. On the upside, offers by Japanese exporters are tipped at 94.20 n 94.35/40 with stops seen abv 94.50.