USD/JPY - 94.18 .. Dlr rebounded fm 93.87 this morning as risk appetite increased on the back of rebound in Asian stock markets (Nikkei-225 rose to a 10-month high of 10,650 while HSI and SSE composite closed the morning session up by 82 points n 44 points respectively). The pair is expected to gyrate inside nr term range of 93.79-94.65 amid thin market condition as traders are waiting the release of U.S. durable goods data (12:30GMT) n new home sales at (14:00GMT). Fresh bids (cross-related) are seen in the region of 93.80-94.00 with stops placed below 93.79 n around 93.50 while demand fm importers are reported fm 93.30 down to 93.00. On the upside, offers fm various accounts are noted at 94.30 n 94.50/60 with stops emerging at 94.70/80 n 95.00.