Usd/jpy - 95.28 ... The greenback penetrated psychological level at 95.00 (option-related stops were triggered) n rose to 3-month high of 95.35 with Nikkei rebounded briefly fm 7155 low to 7261.0. Investors are also focusing on effect of the Bank of Japan's money market operation that lends an unlimited amount to financial institutions at 0.1% interest rate in exchange for collateral such as corporate bonds. The Bank of Japan is slated to buy up to 1 trillion yen in stocks through April 2010, however, profit-taking offers together with selling interest fm Japanese names are located fm 95.35 to 95.50 with more option-related stops reported at 95.50 n 95.60 barriers. On the downside, some bids are located at 94.80/85 n 94.60/65 with sizeable stops building up below 94.00/10.