USD/JPY - 93.33.. Dlr was the star currency vs yen y'day as the pair rallied to a fresh 4-month high after the newly appointed finance minister Kan made his debut by telling the press that he

'wants yen to weaken more', this surprise remark sent dlr rallying fm 92.11 to as high as 93.41 in NY. Despite early rise to 93.78 in Australian trading due to stop-loss buying, comments fm Kan's boss (PM Hatayama) who told reporters stable forex desirable knocked the buck lower. Bids by Japanese names remained at 93.00/10 n more below, however, rumour of US invest. banks selling dlr aggressively y'day n this morning has dampened bullish mood somewhat but as they say, trend is your friend n do not buck against the trend - buy 'em dips n sell on rallies !