Usd/jpy - 91.81 ... Japanese finance minister Kan said exchange rates shud be set by markets unless they move rapidly, backing further away fm his remarks last week in favour of a week yen. Kan indicated some countries may discuss the Chinese yuan at the G7 meeting in Canada next month. He said various options are left for BOJ in guiding monetary policy n the government will continue to work with it to support the economy. The greenback edged higher on renewed cross selling in yen (eur/jpy n gbp/jpy rose fm 133.42 to 133.62 n fm 148.57 to 149.63). Bids by Japanese names are noted at 91.50/60 n 91.30 with stops seen below 91.00. Some offers by Japanese exporters are tipped at 92.00 n 92.30/40.