Usd/jpy - 91.20 ... Japan's Q1 GDP rose by 1.2%, better than econmists' forecast of 1.0% rise. Japan's consumer confidence index in May improved for the fifth straight month in May to 42.8, the highest level since October 2007, fm 42.0 in April. The greenback traded narrowly inside 91.13-91.39 as focus is on other ccys especially the single currency. However, cross selling in jpy (eur/jpy, aud/jpy n gbp/jpy rose fm 108.98 to 110.02, fm 75.45 to 76.58 n fm 132.27 to 133.08 respectively) together with the rise in regional bourses (Nikkei-225 rose by 84 points to 9524) shud provide support here n bids are located at 91.05/10 n 90.80/85 with stops only seen below 90.80.