Usd/jpy - 92.31 ... Bank of Japan policy board member Miyako Suda said she was focusing on downside risks to Japan's economy even as it recovers, warning that the market turmoil triggered by Europe's debt woes could hurt growth. The greenback maintained a firm undertone due to renewed cross selling in jpy (euro/jpy, aud/jpy n gbp/jpy rose fm 112.70 to 113.73, fm 77.48 to 78.47 n fm 134.89 to 135.82)on the rally in global stock markets. Nikkei-225 rallied by 310 points to 9914. Bids are located at 92.05/10 n 91.80/90. On the upside, some offers by Japanesse exporters are tipped at 92.50.