Usd/jpy - 91.35 ... Japan's government appointed Motohisa Ikeda as deputy finance minister. The other deputy is Naoki Minezaki who is more sympathetic to the BOJ. Ikeda has said that the BOJ shud help weaken the yen to as low as 120 per dollar by further monetary easing n has criticised the BOJ for not doing enough to end deflation. The greenback rebounded of y'day's low of 90.84 to 91.62 (AUS) on dlr's strength elsewhere. Nikkei-225 dropped by 131 points to 9406. Outlook here is supportive n bids are located at 91.25 n 91.00/05 with some stops seen below 91.00 n 90.80. On the upside, some offers are tipped at 91.60 n 91.80.