USD/JPY - 89.28.. Breaking news came out in Australia on BOJ's rate easing disposition n comments fm chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission central bank may hike rates if economy overheats n earlier remarks by PBOC's deputy head's comments of China will raise rates at appropriate times. Dlr fixed sharply higher at 89.34 (88.52 y'day) is a bullish signal (remember our strategy to employ an anti-trend to buy the dlr y'day) but rally fm 88.14 was really a case of heavy short-covering ahead of today's U.S. jobs report. Dlr bulls have to contend with offers at 89.40-50 b4 they can announce complete victory fm y'day's buying spree as stops have been placed abv 89.50. Bids are strg fm 89.00-88.80, suggesting buying dlr on pullback is the way to go.