Usd/jpy - 90.23 ... The greenback rebounded fm y'day's NY low of 89.81 to 90.26 due to the rebound in global stock markets (Nikkei-225 rose by 92 points to 9614 whilst Dow Jones index futures strengthened by 95 points to 10016 after y'day's fall). Today's launch of Japanese mutual funds also helped dlr/yen n yen crosses (eur/jpy, aud/jpy n gbp/jpy rallied fm 109.20 to 110.80, fm 73.82 to 75.15 n fm 130.47 to 129.15 respectively). Bids are now noted at 89.95/00, 89.80/85 with mixture of bids n stops located at 89.50. On the upside, offers are tipped at 90.60/65 with stops seen abv 90.75/80.