Usd/jpy - 88.75 ... The greenback retreated after rebounding to 89.07 in Asian morning as rising regional bourses continued to dampen the U.S. currency's safe-haven appeal (DJI futures n Nikkei-225 were last trading up 38 points n 121 points respectively, while HSI ended the morning session up by 361 points). At the moment, offers fm various accounts are building up fm 88.90 up to 89.20 with mixture of offers n stops are located at 89.40/50 n around 89.60. On the downside, stops (sizeable) below 88.60/65 are now in focus n buying interest fm Asian n European names is noted in the region of 88.30-88.50 with batches of stops placed just below last week's 8-month low of 88.23.