Market & Research Corp.’s President, Gary Stein, announced today that the company has signed a definitive agreement designating a nationally recognized Investment Bank to become the Investment Banker to finance Market & Research’s previously announced acquisitions.

Mr. Stein commented, “After more than two months of discussion and reviewing offers and proposals we have decided to accept a proposal submitted by the Bank as its banker’s breadth of knowledge of the market and research area and the investment banking experience of its principals, is extensive and deep. Its proposal was deemed to be the one that will provide the best opportunity for our shareholders and provides an efficient way to achieve our desire to trade on the New York Stock Exchange-AMEX.”

“The Bank is a member of FINRA, MSRB and SiPC, making them a valued partner,” Stein added. “We are pleased that the Bank recognizes the long-term growth outlook of our business strategy and equally pleased with their access to institutional investors. Each of Precision Opinion, InMarketing Group and Quantum Research Services d/b/a Aspen Media and Market Research, Ltd., remain committed and have reaffirmed their respective acquisition agreements.”

Martin Licht, Executive Vice President, added, “We again wish to thank our shareholders for remaining patient as we want to insure that we make the best possible arrangements for both the Company and its Investors. A number of activities will transpire over the next several months and we will continue our commitment to remain transparent.”