In the current market rally, each time we have broken to new highs we have seen a reversal and then traded within a range at the upper end. When you have positions that make you money on these stalled market breakouts, take your profits and don't look for follow through right now because it is not working. The futures are down this morning, and we are likely to find ourselves trading in another range where we will see action in both directions. Continue to be stock selective looking for the best chart set-ups. Using MADSCAN filtering software is a good idea as some leaders are seeing volume leak out, while some stocks that have been off the radar for a while are seeing the money rotate back in. GOOG may need to go sideways after a nice move higher, BIDU finally gave us a chance to short with a possible topping tail after being strong for so long. GS looks likes it could see a down-day to balance out some of its overbought condition. The bank does not like tight ranges so the move may be significant but look for it to bounce back at some point as the market eventually heads higher. FSLR finally saw a reversal day after a stellar run and provided a good trade, as all the solars finally provided set-ups for good trading.