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TheLFBLong Trend, favor the long breaks if 1.4000 breaks. Trading at the 20 day SMA at 1.4000. The 1.4150 and 1.4250 are potential long targets, with 1.3850 the short side view
TheLFBMixed Trend. Now has the 20 day SMA at 1.6300 as a support swing point. Looking to test long bids if equities move higher, massive resistance at 1.6620
TheLFBMixed Trend, look both long and short. Now absorbing orders at the 20 day SMA 0.8000 price point. with 0.8120 above. Looks to have found a base at 0.7850; breaks under that area pick up 0.7750
TheLFBMixed Trend, look both long and short. The 1.1560 20 day SMA area is upside resistance, with 1.1650 above. Short side numbers are 1.1400 to 1.1300. Following oil prices around.
TheLFBMixed Trend, look both long and short. Now using the 1.0800 20 day SMA as support after a massive institutional bid added 400 pips in two 30 minutes periods. 1.1100 is long resistance
TheLFBMixed Trend, therefor free to buy the pull-backs, or break-outs. Major resistance at 96.50, good support at 94.50. This is an ugly a set of charts right now