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The holding pattern of global trade is still in place, with a continuation of sideways trade in equity, oil, and currency markets. This may be the calm before the storm if volume starts to increase, but until then we need to be careful not to expect too much from each intra-day moves.

The 4 hour charts are oversold on the dollar in the near-term, and therefore a reversal of Friday's moves may come ahead of any continuation of the dollar selling. But, when the weekly pips counts are reviewed, it is clear that any major break-outs may falter until global volume across all markets increase.

It has been a month of sideways global trade, and looks as though June will be a sidewinder of a month, but we will stay alert for moves that break the ranges set on the 4 hour charts.

Be it Usd long, or Usd short, we will be ready for the break, and until we see the outer ranges of the 4 hour channels broken, we will need to bank in small stages as things develop.

Now more than most times of the year is the time to bank as we go, wait for the pull-backs, and buy again, probably at the open and close times of the regional markets; 20:00 EDT, 02:00 EDT, 07:00 EDT.